Workplace Wellness

A Program to help the employer create a better work environment

This is a simple program to help the employer create programs that will benefit employees health and wellness. Weight management solutions that truly work.

My Exercise and Wellness approach is to use health and wellness coaching through the use of exercise, the designing of attainable goals, positive engagement, and the facilitation of behavior change to maximize employees wellness. This means encouraging the employee to focus on key health behaviors such as increasing physical activity, improving eating habits, reducing stress, and ceasing tobacco use.

The training includes materials and a monthly report of the employee’s progress.

  1. Free elastic bands to get started with challenging strength training exercises.
  2. Free wireless device to keep track of physical activity.
  3. An exercise program with 6 days of physical activity for a 12 week training sessions.
  4. A journal to keep track of  daily exercise routine and food intake.
  5. Mindful meditation to decrease stress and learn how to manage it.
  6. One monthly visit at the workplace to instruct employees.
  7. One to One Skype session with each employee every week.
  8. Weekly texts or emails to review the progress of each individual.

A complete wellness program encourages healthy habits, it can prevent or lower the risk of serious health conditions later. Similarly, adopting these same habits can help those with an existing health condition manage it.

Tips to get started:
1. Promote preventive care by scheduling a vaccination to your work place for flu season.
2. Encourage exercise: ride or walk to work. Go for a 20 minute lunch walk, 3 times a week.
3. Bring an Exercise Physiologist to your workplace. S/He can take evaluate overall health by providing blood pressure measurements, physical fitness, strength, endurance and flexibility testing.

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