Get Transformed with Meditation

If you are deeply unhappy with your life, despite your efforts to improve your emotional status, things just don’t get better or they are not better for long. Gradually, you might start to believe that there is something fundamentally wrong with you. But the belief might come from the accumulation of stresses, or from one or two traumatic events in your life. Sometimes that empty feeling might arise out of the blue. You might need psychological help, you might need medication or maybe you can benefit from meditating or a combination of the three. At My Exercise and Wellness, you can be part of an 8 week program to free your self from the onset of depression.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) has been designed to give you the skills and understanding that will empower you to free yourself from getting entangled in painful emotions. The training helps you overcome two critical processes that lie at the root of depression and other emotional problems:

1. The tendency to overthink, or worry too much about things out of your control coupled with

2. a tendency to avoid, suppress, or push away other things.

The Meditation Teacher will work with you to identify if you need to work with a group or meditate on your own. Supplies will be given when you sign up, check the calendar for the next 8-Week Program.

First class starts January 17th.

If you need to purchase a meditation cushion before the class starts you can do so on this website. You can also get them on the first day of meditation.