Periodization Training has been a successful method to excel in sports when used properly. In cycling, it is beneficial to have a training stimulus at regular or even irregular intervals to increase performance as the body adapts. When the training is planned then a tapering training volume prior to competition, planned periods of active rest, and scheduled power and strength workouts to challenge different energy systems.  The General Adaptation Syndrome is an art at challenging the body systems to adapt to different volumes and intensities.

This is an example of a Periodization Plan for the first half of the year to prepare for a 1200km event.


When you hire Susan Scarlet-Macaw as your coach you will get weekly workouts specifically designed for your schedule, including the demands from work and family. You will have the year at a glance according to the goals that you specify, as you progress in your training, exercises will change.


The weekly workouts will be designed according to your goals, time availability and fitness level. As you progress through-out the weeks, workouts will be personalized. If you miss a workouts or a set of workouts you plan will change with you. This is a customized plan for you, not for you friend or your family.  We can have weekly Skype meeting to ensure that your plan is the best plan for your performance improvement.


When designing your interval training program, Susan uses three different types of HIT (high-intensity interval training) according to your assessment to ensure an effective means to enhance your cycling performance, peak power output and VO2peak.

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