Nutrition = My Eating

Learn about the role of nutrition in the current development of chronic diseases and how you can avoid diabetes, high blood pressure and heart conditions due to diet. You will receive information and the rationale for whole food, plant-based nutrition and how to take little steps to implement a habit that will keep you away from the emergency room.

Do you feel overwhelmed with food choices? Have you been dieting for years and find it difficult to keep your weight off? I will provide practical strategies and techniques for breaking the diet failure cycle. I can teach you:

  • Why dieting may fail to produce long-term weight loss
  • 10 alternative goals to weight loss as indicators of improved health
  • Therapeutic and lifestyle situations conducive to a non-diet approach
  • Role of carbohydrates and protein in appetite control
  • Role of fluids in the body and three common ways they’re misused
  • Indicators of a lifestyle shift other than weight loss

Food BreakdownJust as exercise is important to keep your body healthy, nutrition in the form of food is necessary to support life. Even though foods are eventually broken down to help provide energy to the body, not all foods are created equal. Foods are not metabolized the same way either. (I will add recent studies on this, later on) I am not a registered dietitian, but I have studied nutrition and can educate the public to about the effects of glycogenesis, metabolism of macro-nutrients to the details of how substances in the body are continually broken down and re-built; the body in a catabolic-anabolic state.

Specifically, a nutrient is a substance in food that is used by the body to promote normal growth, maintenance, and repair of an organism. There are six categories of nutrients: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water. Essential nutrients are those that cannot be made by the body and must be obtained in the diet. (I believe this is where all arguments can be made about the “right” foods to eat, we know a lot but at the same time we know so little. science is always evolving!) In a more simplistic statement, the less processed the food you ingest, the better your body will feel in order to grow, maintain and repair itself.

Here is a link to find a Registered Dietitian in your area. In the meantime, learn how many calories you burn when you are at rest, this information will help you gain more access to the amounts of foods you need to eat in order to lose weight.


RMRreevue2Resting Metabolic Rate Reading Using the latest equipment and approved by the FDA, we will measure the oxygen that your body consumes. Why is this important? To help you lose weight. “Using this measurement it calculates a patient’s Resting Energy Expenditure (REE), commonly referred to as a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). Physicians can screen for abnormally low metabolic rates and pinpoint the precise caloric intake required for weight loss or maintenance. Applications include obesity treatment, as well as treating obesity related diseases such as diabetes, dysmetabolic syndrome X, thyroid disorders, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and sleep apnea.”


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