About this SITE for SALE

THIS SITE IS FOR SALE INCLUDING EXERCISE BANDS, about 65 sets. Contact me to find out more. The content and equipment included. If you are a personal trainer just starting out this is the PERFECT WEBSITE to get you started. The exercise bands include the branding My Exercise and Wellness.

Mission Statement: Share information about exercise, nutrition and mindfulness to live a life full of positive connections by impacting the health and wellness of my community.

Coaching availability

  • Exercise Coaching
    • Exercise is Medicine Programming
      • Doctor’s Clinics
      • Hospitals
      • Assisted Home Living
    • Ultra-Endurance Cycling Coaching
    • Endurance Running Coaching
  • Weight Management 
    • Grocery Shopping
    • Nutritional planning and classes
    • Practical Strategies and techniques to stop yo-yo dieting
    • Role of carbohydrates and protein in appetite control
    • Fuel for performance and recovery
  • Transformational Coaching
    • Business Development
    • New career choices
    • Changing careers
    • Starting a new business
  • Mindfulness – Stress Release Clinic principles
    • 3 Day Retreats – Transformational Stress Release Program

If you are a Health Professional and would like more information to enhance your career and be part of My Exercise and Wellness please fill out the form below:


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