About Susan

Mission Statement: Share information about exercise, nutrition and mindfulness to live a life full of positive connections by impacting the health and wellness of my community.

M. E. & Wellness brings programs to inspire others to experience physical activity, healthy eating, meditation, simple budgeting tips to do the things that bring self-growth as a daily habit.

Susan (BW)Susan Scarlet-Macaw  is a woman with many talents.  She graduated from the Cal Poly Architecture School and worked as an architect before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey. 

She operated her own fitness studio for women in San Francisco, is Co-owner of a bicycle manufacturing company, Volagi  and owns M.E.and Wellness where she coaches individual to be the best they can be with the strengths they possess.

She believes in being an active member of the community in which she lives and is a supporter member of Rotary Club in addition to serving as treasurer for the Elko County Art Club.

An avid runner and cyclist, Susan combines her passion for physical activity with all aspects of wellness.  She now coaches people to connect with their inner self through personal development and behavior change.  Susan guides her clients to live more fulfilling lives and says sometimes you need to find the humility to admit when you need help.

Susan is a certified Health Coach and Exercise Physiologist. At San Francisco State University she studied Kinesiology with a concentration in exercise physiology. Her thesis work analyzed the impact of regular walking, eating a healthy diet and tracking the information to stay motivated to improve wellness at the work place. Subjects reduced high blood pressure, improved cardiovascular condition, lost weight and enhanced their quality of life. Susan has been speaking since 2003 about wellness as well as writes about it. She is committed to delivering inspirational, educational and engaging programming that leaves individuals ready to take steps and move forward with their goals. Her ability to understand and relate to others has helped her develop programs to motivate people to take care of their well-being even when they are diagnosed with a preventable illness. She can help individuals affected by stroke, heart attacks, hypertension, osteoporosis, cancer, mobility-related injury, obesity, depression and other disorders that can be improved with the simple prescription of exercise.

As an expert in ultra-endurance cycling and endurance running, she uses her ability to focus and help others find their motivation. She helps individuals focus on their goals and teaching them how to have a balanced life. She has created programs for cyclists to compete in ultra distance cycling. She utilized her training techniques and knowledge about fuel performance and set a record for Furnace Creek 508 in 2010. A race of 508 miles won by riding a fix geared bicycle. Winner of California Triple Crown in 2012, the toughest double centuries in California.

Her passion to help others achieve their goals is a gift. She has held talks at corporate businesses in California as well as non-profit organizations to inspire the audience to start a healthy routine.

Coaching availability

  • Exercise Coaching
    • Exercise is Medicine Programming
      • Doctor’s Clinics
      • Hospitals
      • Assisted Home Living
    • Ultra-Endurance Cycling Coaching
    • Endurance Running Coaching
  • Weight Management 
    • Grocery Shopping
    • Nutritional planning and classes
    • Practical Strategies and techniques to stop yo-yo dieting
    • Role of carbohydrates and protein in appetite control
    • Fuel for performance and recovery
  • Transformational Coaching
    • Business Development
    • New career choices
    • Changing careers
    • Starting a new business
  • Mindfulness – Stress Release Clinic principles
    • 3 Day Retreats – Transformational Stress Release Program

If you are a Health Professional and would like more information to enhance your career and be part of My Exercise and Wellness please fill out the form below:

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