Discover, Clarify and Align your Dreams Class

After taking this class, you will be able to:

  • Define what you need to do to soar to your best self
  • Discover what gives life in your environment
  • Dream and envision your purpose
  • Design your goals as you see fit best
  • Draw a picture of what will be your best self!

As you prepare to embark in this adventure, think about this moment and picture yourself at a point in your life when you have had the most success?

Little by little, I will help you incorporate those times to balance your life, to take small steps to change and to create an action plan to grow. You will learn about yourself using the system of Balancing your Wellness through Change.

The Wellness Wheel A representation of your overall Wellness and Health
This is an assessment where you can start looking at critical places where you need the help of a professional to unveil your immediate purpose.
Fundamentals of Change A method to help you gain new habits
Action Plan You will successfully learn how to map your goals by using a guided plan according to your vision.

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