My Exercise and Wellness (M.E. & Wellness) was created by Susan Scarlet-Macaw to offer motivational coaching that helps you connect your body, mind and speech while balancing the many facets and stages of life.

As a health coach she wants to share her knowledge about exercise, nutrition, meditation, and behavior change to help you create positive habits.

Susan specializes in guiding men and women who feel stuck and unable to find the motivation to change. She will approach your whole care and healing by helping you make conscious choices according to your values. During her coaching you will increase your energy, improve your relationship to food, control your weight, all while settling your mind on small changes. If you feel out of control, it can be a manifestation that you need change. Susan can help you focus and discover what to do to overcome your struggle, guiding you by choosing positive experiences as a template to cultivate positive behaviors.

Susan offers Health and Wellness Training Programs to help you create a vision for the life you want to live. Identifying and awakening your deepest desires and enhancing your self-confidence and learning to deeply care, love and respect who you are as you are.

M.E. & Wellness logo represents a spiral which is a symbol of change, progression, and development. Susan believes that just as we see the movement of growth in a spiral, (the helix of the DNA, the formation of a tornado, or the growth of pine cone) we can look with curiosity to the changes of our own mind and body. The change can be negative or positive, but the way we overcome “the change” can be of great influence for our life to move forward. While working with M.E. & Wellness, Susan Scarlet-Macaw will teach you tools and guide you to create and develop your growth.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Christine Francois says:

    Hi Susan. I am new to the Elko, NV and looking to connect with others that follow a whole food, plant-based diet in the area. It is very different than where I came from and would love to talk to you about your expereinces.

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