M.E. time and Wellness Class

MEtime_ClassIn 4 weeks learn how to apply simple solutions to create lasting habits in your life. Find out, how you can carve 45 minutes to one hour of your busy routine into a time to bring focus, calmness, and satisfaction to your hectic schedule.

Success takes time, you can cut the time with help. Start this exploration class where you will learn about exercise, plant based-nutrition, meditation and exploration methods to change your life in positive ways.

Get started with small steps:

Find time to be still – and explore your five senses, and ways to stay focused.

Find time to be moving – gain stamina, agility, physical resilience.

Explore your curiosity about “what if” you ate a vegan menu for 7 days? 🙂

Engage with activities that explore your creativity.

Experience what motivates you to change habits and be the Best Self you can be.

The class is for 4 weeks, starting February 1st and every Monday. $5 per class. You need to commit to every class since there is only room for 6 people.

Email me for 1 of 6 spot. susan@myexerciseandwellness.com

ME time and wellness class download flyer.
ME time and wellness class