M.E. & Wellness Webinar


Make connections that bring ever lasting changes to your life. Find out what moves you to stay focus with your values.

In this 3 day webinar you will learn how to put an idea into action.
Also, you will learn about yourself as I guide you in a process that is inviting, non-judgmental, powerful, and life evolving for you. You will learn how to take small steps to make fundamental changes that focus on your positive experiences to discover the answers of what motivates you.

We will discuss a wellness tool to discover something new about you and we will put it in an action plan.

The Wellness Wheel: A representation of your overall Wellness and Health
This is an assessment where you can start looking at critical places where you need the help of a professional to unveil your immediate purpose.

Fundamentals of Change: A method to help you gain new habits

Action Plan: You will successfully learn how to map your goals by using a guided plan according to your vision.

You can register at https://app.ruzuku.com/courses/11562/enroll

For questions send me an email or call.