Walking Class to Prevent Disease

Most of us started walking when we were between 9 months to a year but somewhere between our upbringing and life commitments we have become less active. It is recommended for everyone to walk everyday to prevent disease, but yet almost 40% of the US population doesn’t actively move regularly according to a study by Brownson RC et al. published online on 2005.


Walking Class to Prevent Diseases

What measures can you take to start a walking program?  

  1. Find a friend or a couple of friends who also want to walk.
  2. Make a plan to meet at least twice a week.
  3. Select a walking route
  4. Time yourself and track your progress.
  5. Get started with me and meet me on Thursdays.

The trick to preventing disease is to start physical activity 10 minutes at a time. Walking improves your immune system, it lowers your blood cholesterol, it helps you regulate your glucose intake, it helps your heart become more efficient at pumping blood and it helps you lose or maintain your weight.

Walking is inexpensive and easy to do, after all, you probably started walking when you were one year old. If you have diabetes or other diseases make sure to consult your doctor or exercise physiologist.

To get you started, I offer a walking class most Thursdays of the week. The next scheduled walks will be starting at Natural Nutrition in Elko, Nevada. Text (415) 225-9405 for more information.