A Drug called Exercise


A Drug called Exercise

We have an obesity problem in the United States. Being inactive has an array of harmful health effects. Exercise is a powerful tool for both the treatment and the prevention of chronic disease and obesity, as well as premature death. Unfortunately, physical inactivity is the MAJOR public health problem of our time.

What can you do? The simple dosage is to exercise 150 minutes per week… (But you can start by doing 20 minutes twice a week)

How can you get motivated? Give yourself one hour a day to spend time with yourself. Within that hour you cna exercise for 30 to 40 minutes, you decide. The rest of the time you cna read, listen to music, meditate, prepare a quick fruit salad. If I gave you an exercise pill in a bottle would you take it? I can send you a prescription in a bottle, but you need to do the work.

What will this Drug called Exercise to for you?

  • Prevent obesity and mitigate its risks
  • reduce development and improve management of diabetes type I and II
  • Prevent and treat cardiovascular problems
  • Improvement of hypertension
  • Prevent osteoporosis and fractures
  • Reduce risk of dementia in Alzheimer
  • manage depression and anxiety and more…

No matter at what age you start, you will have a better quality of life. The most dramatic effect to see from your exercise will be a happier life.


Administration of Exercise

The side effects of exercising are measurable as well; your blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar decreases, you will have stronger muscles and bones, it will improve your mood, it will give you confidence, uplift your self-esteem and concentration, your sleep habits will be improved, you will increase your metabolism.

You can exercise on your own or with a friend, You can do it at home, a gym or outdoors. You can hire someone or you can purchase an app to tell you what to do. There are plenty of youTube videos and learn.


Cost of your care if you suffer from osteoporosis

Exercise is cost effective for medical conditions and to prevent illnesses. You have a natural risk reduction for disease and it can cost as little as nothing.

If you do not exercise or if you have an inactive lifestyle it can be more costly than a gym membership or hiring an expert to help exercise. Ask your doctor to help you get started with exercise before he or she gives you a pill prescription. Show your doctor that you are capable of changing your habits of exercise.

Slides by Dr. Sallies, MD, FACSM during his presentation about Exercise is Medicine

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